Monday, 26 October 2009

Only 6 days to go....

Only 6 days to go and because I have not managed out most of last week due to a work training course and the days now getting a little shorter, I decided to tackle the Stanley, Dunkeld, Murthly and Caputh circular route starting from the Stanley car park as I did not have enough time to leave from my house due to more work commitments later in the afternoon.

I managed just under 40 kms with a few detours to take some pics and felt relatively confident that after I had returned to the car and had some water and a banana, that I could probably have done it again had time allowed. The itinerary for next week is approx 80 kms most days and I believe I replicated the expected heat conditions in Jordan by wearing an extremely bright but far too warm jacket for today's weather conditions!

The sun is lower now and makes visibility on the road not so good, so I thought it would be sensible to be seen in my bright orange jacket, but I think my face was probably glowing more than the jacket with the heat I built up.

The last 10 kms had an extra bonus as I stopped to take another picture, a much younger and fitter looking woman sped past me, so I used her to set a pace for me to follow. I managed to keep a regular distance behind her and considering she did not have the jacket and my weight, I believe I did quite well to keep her in my sight.

Many thanks to all the comments I have received while doing my journal and looking forward to meeting you Shane, see you on Sunday.


  1. Hi Carol, good for you! I'll be working hard to keep up by the sound of things. You got better weather than I did over the weekend - - look for the post on "Portmucked again".

    Now I'm starting to panic to make sure I have everything at the ready - passport - check; dinar & shekels - check; padded shorts - oh yes; crash revision in Arabic - aiwa.

    You on for the day 2 climb to Jerash? Looks like it might be a tad gruelling (or maybe our guide is trying to put us off? ;-)

  2. Hi Carol,
    How is it going? I am so excited to hear all the stories when you return.
    Love you lots