Thursday, 8 October 2009

Horse Tales....

It was a lovely Autumn day today, so after finishing work I found time to tackle that Rynd Road again, and I do believe that hill was a little easier today. I have not been out too much over the past few days as I had to have a little work on my back which was showing signs of playing up, but appears much better now after some deep muscle massage and a few back crunches delivered by Helen.

I had spent many years horse riding prior to owning my bicycle and have always had a tendency to need a little treatment from time to time, and as it happened I passed some beautiful horses on the Rynd Road today that took me back to my Endurance Riding Club Days.

I absolutely love horses, so I am hopeful of an opportunity to either visit some local horses or even have a little canter over the sand when in Israel, so will have to pack the jodpers just in case.

1 comment:

  1. Just camels and little donkeys, Carol! :-) Actually, we might be able to grab a few fine gee-gees on the Jerash leg of the trip...