Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sunday 31st May - 1st Challenge

Yesterday I met up with some fellow cyclists going to Israel in November. There were also some people just back from Malawi with lots of interesting stories to tell. I was impressed with the good team spirit and enthusiasm of fund raising for these trips despite the level of endurance required on some of the rides.

Today was approximately 25 miles around the Ellon area in Aberdeenshire with bright sunshine, but quite a brisk breeze which proved difficult on the second half. This was probably my first taste of how enduring things can get as it was quite hilly towards the end and the head on breeze had put extra pressure on my tired legs.

Many thanks to Evelyn who provided a wonderful barbecue and refreshments while we all recovered in her beautiful garden where stories of past cycling trips were exchanged until we were ready to head home.

Points to remember for next time - don't forget the sunblock - my arms and legs resemble red hot pokers today!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Getting Brave!

Thursday 28th and weighing in 3.lbs down, so felt brave enough to get the shorts on to cycle today.

I went to my favourite car park because I can take my bike in the car and avoid the City traffic during the day; it's just outside Perth and I can cycle several routes from here reaching Dunkeld and surrounding areas. Today I chose to go through Luncarty and Pitcairngreen towards Chapelhill.

The first half was quite hilly and somehow the wind was always head on, so struggled a little up the hills. I came back the same route and that made up for it, downhill most of the way, wonderful feeling to whiz along these country roads.

Total distance just under 25kms and I know on Saturday when I travel to Aberdeen I have a distance of about double to complete the route, so with today's effort in mind; I think I will cope, but do not expect to be one of the leaders!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

4 days later.....

Hi,I've not had much luck with the weather, so I have not had an opportunity to get some real distance practice in, however as I'm studying for exams coming up shortly; grabbing the bike between showers and study time has worked out quite well.

Today I managed college, then an hours dog walk (see pic of my two adorable girls, Meg and Ria) at the North Inch Park which runs along the River Tay.

Then a bit of study followed by 15kms around the South Inch Park. It's pretty flat and easy going and with speed restrictions, you certainly wont break any records, but it's still a worth while bit of exercise.

I intend to travel up to cycle in the Aberdeen area on the 30th of this month and get an opportunity to meet some other fellow cyclists going to Israel. I believe the route is approx 30 miles, so I am hopeful to get a practice run in this coming week before I go.

Invites are going out to plan for the 23rd, and so far the response has been quite good, and I have an opportunity to put on a Fashion Show in September to raise more funds, but more about that later.

Friday, 15 May 2009

First fundraising event

To launch my fund raising, there will be a Partylite Candle Presentation at Willows Coffee Shop, Perth on Tuesday 23rd June, 2009. Invitations are on the way, but if you haven't received one, leave a comment and I will send you one as I would like to see you all there supporting me to raise as much as possible for The Nazareth Hospital.

There will be lots of special offers on such as the 'Hurricane Lamp', and an Elizabeth Arden representative will be giving mini makeovers and 'goody bags' for participating guests.

I'm having great fun just now putting together a candle with a message for all of you to thank you for your support so far, it's so encouraging to know so many people are behind me on this one.

Thanks again for reading this post, more coming later.

Welcome to my blog

Hi, welcome to my blog.

In Novemeber 2009 I will be cycling with EMMS International on their Cycle The Jordan Valley and today is day one of getting myself fit enough to cycle around 400 kms in what will probably be quite hot conditions.

I am going as part of a group who will be aiming to raise as much money as possible for The Nazareth Hospital and you can get more information on the Charity at

I have always wanted to visit Israel, but never expected to get an opportunity like this to make my dream come true, so I am just bursting with excitement. I know this is going to be so exciting cycling from the Red Sea to the Sea of Galilee right into Nazareth itself. There is such historical and biblical interest for me in this trip and to be able to raise money at the same time to help people in the Middle East gives me a real sense of doing something really worthwhile.

The idea of this blog is to keep everyone updated on fundraising for this event and keep track of my progress and encourage me towards the physical fitness I need to achieve my goal.

Here's a 'before pic', lets hope the after will be a lot better!!

Thank you for reading this, if you have any tips, advice or would like more information please leave a comment.