Saturday, 27 June 2009

Fund Raiser 23.6.09

The launch of Fund Raising for the Nazareth Hospital went really well, over 50 ladies turned up to buy their Candles with a Message and over £300 was collected towards the fund with additional donations the fund has opened with a tremendous £603.

I was truly delighted by the support of friends and family who turned out on what was one of the finest Summer evenings weather wise, so many thanks to everyone who came along to encourage me in this great cause.

Pictured are both of my son's Michael; Manager of Willows Coffee Shop giving me a bicycle candle holder which was supplied by Carol Feeney of Partylite Candles. Jonathan who has featured on this blog before as being essential to keeping me organised and is extremely supportive towards the challenge. Fiona Smiley who gave tips on how to achieve physical fitness and representatives from Elizabeth Arden who provided tips on how to stay cool and look good when the Summer sun is on us.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Getting fitter...

Exams are past for the time being, no more pouring over books every night, so I'm managing to average about 20 kms most nights and another 2 lbs has gone! A year at college really took its toll with all that sitting about at desks and computers, so its great to be able to get going again now that Summer is here.

Jonathan is great at getting me about, so here's some pics taken up in Little Glenshee during training sessions.

Great news I've managed to get one of Perth's top fitness instructors, Fiona Smiley to come along on the 23rd to really get me going on a programme of fitness, so all the ladies attending my Fund Raising Launch at Willows expect to get on your feet and stretch those muscles too.