Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Falling off my bike again...

I'm out cycling almost every day now and travelling up and down between Stanley, Luncarty and through to Huntingtower and beyond. I make sure now that I do a minimum of 25 kms each outing and if possible twice a day now.

I have also been improving my bike and just added a nice new comfy seat which will be going to Israel with me, new silver and lilac cycling shoes and a set of peddles will also be travelling with me.

One of the original peddles cracked under the pressure of me pushing them up hill !! Now I have the lock on type to prevent my feet slipping, the only trouble is I have not quite acquired the knack of releasing myself quick enough and landed in a heap today out at Bridge of earn when cycling with Ernie, he was a bit upset at my mishap and I don't think impressed with the peddles, but I am determined to get used to them as they are certainly secure when going uphill.

I just have to make sure I release at least one side first when I am coming to a stop and not lean to the side that I am locked into, which is what I did earlier and there was no hope of regaining balance, so down I went.

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