Saturday, 28 November 2009

New Beginnings..........

Today is a special day, its Jonathan's Birthday and he is spending it in Edinburgh with parties galore by the sounds of things. He recently introduced me to Facebook, so I won't say any more on that as there are plenty pictures and messages on there for him to deal with for today.

I have had a few weeks to settle back into work and study and think about what my next challenge should be, but it has to involve The Nazareth Hospital as this is such a special place.

Here are some more pictures of our visit to the hospital, we were able to walk through all the various departments seeing where all the money is to be spent on projects and new equipment and training.

The psychotherapy unit that I am really interested in specialises in treating children who are victim to trauma through conflict and I am hopeful that I can work on gaining some knowledge of artistic expression through my counselling skills to use as a tool when I visit next year.

So firstly I am going to continue to raise awareness and money for the hospital and Tuesday December 1st kicks that off with another Candle Party, much smaller than the last, just a few friends at my home, but it will have a real Christmas theme and again all commission earned will be put towards taking with me when I go.

All my pictures and lots more that other bike ride members took will be on view, so there will be plenty to see.

My home is not very big, but I will try and squeeze as many people that come as possible in, food and refreshments and of course Christmas party games, so wear a little bit of glitter to get us all in a festive and giving spirit.

I will take lots more pics and share them later.

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